Recital Season – Spring 2021

Click here to watch all student recitals from our Spring 2021 Recital Series!

Academy for the Arts considers recital performance an essential element in the development of musical talent. The recital is also a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to celebrate what the students learn, and is an affirming time for the students themselves.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, students will be video recorded at AFTA in safely controlled settings. Recordings will be edited into multiple recitals and made available to families. Click here to view Guidelines for In-Person Recitals.

Some studios have more than one recording session to keep group sizes to 10 people or fewer. Your teacher will confirm your recording session. Call time is 10 minutes prior to your recording sessions.

Adult students: Please let your teachers know if you are interested in participating in the Adult Share Recitals on May 17-18.

Monday, May 10

StudioLocationSession Time(s)Entry/Exit
Josh GoforthCrocker Auditorium5:45 pm (Session 1)
6:30 pm (Session 2)
Crocker Atrium Entrance
Taylor MasseyCrouch Chapel5:15 pmCrocker Atrium Entrance
Tim McWilliamsCrouch Chapel5:45 pmCrocker Atrium Entrance
Hannah TylerCrouch Chapel6:30 pm (Session 1)
7:15 pm (Session 2)
Crocker Atrium Entrance
Natalya WeinsteinCrouch Chapel5:00 pmCrocker Atrium Entrance

Tuesday, May 11

StudioLocationSession Time(s)Entry/Exit
David BruceCrocker Auditorium5:00 pmCrocker Atrium Entrance
Michael HosfordSanctuary6:30 pmAFTA Entrance
Lelia LattimoreCrocker Auditorium5:45 pm Crocker Atrium Entrance
Bryan McDowellCrouch Chapel6:45 pmCrocker Atrium Entrance
Karen PommerichSanctuary5:00 pm (Session 1)
5:45 pm (Session 2)
AFTA Entrance
Jerry SuttonCrouch Chapel5:45 pm Crocker Atrium Entrance

Wednesday, May 12

StudioLocationSession Time(s)Entry/Exit
Michael DiTrolioCrouch Chapel5:00 pmCrocker Atrium Entrance
Frances DuffCrouch Chapel6:00 pm (Session 1)
6:45 pm (Session 2)
Crocker Atrium Entrance
Joseph FalconerCrouch Chapel5:30 pmCrocker Atrium Entrance
Clark SorrellsSanctuary (Session 1)
Crocker Auditorium
(Sessions 2-3)
5:00 pm (Session 1)
5:45 pm (Session 2)
6:15 pm (Session 3)
AFTA Entrance (Session 1)
Crocker Atrium Entrance (Sessions 2-3)
Simone VigilanteSanctuary5:00 pmAFTA Entrance

Thursday, May 13

StudioLocationSession Time(s)Entry/Exit
Tate AddisCrocker Auditorium5:45 pm Crocker Atrium Entrance
Brian GarlandSanctuary6:30 pm AFTA Entrance
Andrea PettigrewCrouch Chapel5:00 pmCrocker Atrium Entrance
Karen SorrellsCrouch Chapel5:45 pm (Session 1)
6:30 pm (Session 2)
Crocker Atrium Entrance