Makeup Lessons

Private Makeup Lessons
One makeup lesson will be granted each term for an excused absence in which the Academy is notified as soon as possible by phone in advance. Excused absences include student illness, extreme emergency, and death in the family.

Unexcused absences will not be refunded nor made up by the teacher. They consist of, but are not limited to, forgetting the lesson, choosing to do another activity during the scheduled lesson time, and unnotified absences.

If a student is late, the teacher is not under obligation to extend the lesson. If the teacher is late, the teacher must either extend the lesson time or reschedule the lost time.

One excused absence, as previously defined, will be made up. These will be scheduled and approved by the instructor and Academy for the Arts office. If a student commits to the rescheduled lesson and is absent for any reason, the lesson will be forfeited and not rescheduled by the instructor. Lessons will not be made up if they are missed or denied due to late payment. Students are responsible for paying for all lessons. Lessons not completed by the end of the semester due to teacher absence will be credited to the student.

If a lesson is canceled or forfeited by the student for any reason, the instructor may then schedule another lesson in the absentee time slot. The instructor is under no obligation to notify the parent or student who forfeits the lesson of the substitution. If the original student’s schedule changes and they are able to attend the canceled lesson, it is subject to the instructor’s schedule.

Group Makeup Lessons
Group class lessons consist of a fixed schedule for which the student pays in advance. No refund will be given for student-initiated missed classes or for withdrawal. Instructor-initiated missed classes will be rescheduled. If that is not possible, the student will be credited the appropriate amount.