Recital Week Fall 2018

At the Academy for the Arts, we consider recital performance an essential element in the development of our talent. The recital is also a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to celebrate what the students have learned, and an affirming time for the students themselves.

All recitals begin at 7 pm.

StudioDate LocationCall Time & Lcoation
Tate AddisThursday, December 6 Crocker Auditorium6:15 pm, CB112
Frances DuffMonday, December 3Sanctuary6:15 pm, MB128
Brian GarlandThursday, December 6Sanctuary6:15 pm, MB119
Josh GoforthTuesday, December 4Crocker Auditorium6:00 pm, MB119
Michael HosfordThursday, December 6Crouch Chapel6:15 pm, MB119
Lelia LattimoreMonday, December 3Crouch Chapel6:15 pm, MB 106
Grace LeeMonday, December 3Crouch Chapel6:15 pm, CB 111
Tim McWilliamsTuesday, December 4Crouch Chapel6:15 pm, MB 113
Karen PommerichMonday, December 3 OR Thursday, December 6Crocker Auditorium6:15 pm, MB 129
Mariya PotapovaThursday, December 6Sanctuary6:15 pm, MB 126
Andrea PettigrewMonday, December 17 Crocker Auditorium6:15 pm, MB 128
Ben SmithMonday, December 3Crocker Auditorium6:15 pm, MB 125
Clark SorrellsThursday, December 6Sanctuary6:30 pm, CB 111
Karen SorrellsThursday, December 6Crouch Chapel6:15 pm, CB 113
Frank SouthecorvoMonday, December 3Crouch Chapel6:30 pm, MB 112
Jerry SuttonTuesday, December 4Crouch Chapel6:15 pm, MB 126
Simone VigilanteMonday, December 3Sanctuary6:15 pm, MB 119
Natalya WeinsteinTuesday, December 4Crouch Chapel6:15 pm, MB 130

Recital Week Reminders
1. Students should be dropped off at the AFTA entrance at their call time.
2. Look nice! Just like an interview or school presentation, avoid wearing tennis shoes, flip flops, jeans, t-shirts, etc.
3. Students and families should expect to stay for the duration of the recital. Each recital is about one hour in length and followed by a wonderful reception… you won’t want to miss the delicious treats!